Monday, January 23, 2017

Week Three Prompt:

So two things this week- first, I would like you to use Novelist if you are able (not every public library owns it, if you don't have access and want it, contact me and I can give you my access). Answer the following questions using Novelist (or another RA site) as much as you can - just to familiarize yourself with it if you aren't already using it.  Explain why you chose the books you did.

1. I am looking for a book by Laurell K. Hamilton. I just read the third book in the Anita Blake series and I can’t figure out which one comes next!

2. What have I read recently? Well, I just finished this great book by Barbara Kingsolver, Prodigal Summer. I really liked the way it was written, you know, the way she used language. I wouldn't mind something a bit faster paced though.

3. I like reading books set in different countries. I just read one set in China, could you help me find one set in Japan? No, not modern – historical. I like it when the author describes it so much it feels like I was there!

4. I read this great mystery by Elizabeth George called Well-Schooled in Murder and I loved it. Then my dentist said that if I liked mysteries I would probably like John Sandford, but boy was he creepy I couldn't finish it! Do you have any suggestions?

5. My husband has really gotten into zombies lately. He’s already read The Walking Dead and World War Z, is there anything else you can recommend?

6. I love books that get turned into movies, especially literary ones. Can you recommend some? Nothing too old, maybe just those from the last 5 years or so.

7. I love thrillers but I hate foul language and sex scenes. I want something clean and fast paced.

Second, after you get a chance to do the readings and explore Mary Chelton's list of tools, I want to hear about how you find books to read. It could be a site or a resource you've just discovered or one you've used for years, one you use for yourself or for your patrons or family and friends.

Personally, I believe Novelist to be the best online tool, but it's not the only one. I use GoodReads as well as some of the other sites Chelton lists. Trade journals are also really helpful for recommendations (Library Journal, Book List, Kirkus, etc.).

I look forward to reading your prompts! Make sure they are posted to your blog by this Sunday at 10:00pm. Same for everyone who signed up to annotate suspense or thrillers (see below)! Any questions get in touch with me however is easiest for you. Thanks!

Students annotating suspense novels:

Students annotating thriller novels:


  1. Hello Professor Cataldi.

    I checked and my library does not have Novelist. Please email me the access codes.

    Thank You.


  2. I'm having some difficulty downloading the files for week three, they'll pull up on a website fine, but I can't rotate them to read them, and when I download them they won't open. Is any one else having this issue?

    1. You're not the only one, it doesn't automatically open in the preferred format which is frustrating, you have to know exactly what program to open it in. The first file is a pdf and the second file is a powerpoint. Now that you know what to open it with, hopefully you won't have any trouble. I'm trying to re-upload them or getting a setting fixed. Sorry about the hassle!

  3. Hi Erin!

    Where can I find the actual assignment description for the Secret Shopper assignment? I see the powerpoints of "What to pay attention to" etc., but not an actual assignment description. Thank you!

    1. I just uploaded the description and rubric to the assignments, thanks for pointing out that I didn't have it up yet!

  4. Hi Erin,
    I am going to need the access for Novelist too please. Could you please email me the information?

  5. When we respond to these prompts do you want us to list the questions too?

    1. If you want to, if not, just make sure they're numbered so that your classmates know what question you're referring to.