Monday, January 30, 2017

Welcome to Week Four!

Great job everyone on the prompt responses and annotations! I'm pleased that you all tried out a variety of RA resources. Also, great job commenting on each other's posts. Keep it up!

Ok all, this is the week for your Secret Shopper visit! No other response this week, just two readings and this assignment. Review the Powerpoint in Week Two files and the assignment details, and let me know if you have any questions. A couple of points:

Look over the assignment description! Please upload your paper to the assignment tool and then post a summary of your paper to your blog.

Please don't tell us what library you went to. A few of you have already posted your responses and listed the library. That's fine, because thankfully you seemed to have good experiences. I don't expect that to be the case for everybody. Many people can have a bad day, and the point of this exercise isn't to shame our underfunded, understaffed public libraries - it's to show us how we can improve.

Glance over some of the articles we've read about RA interviews before you go, to remember what is supposed to happen.

Have an idea of what type of book you are looking for in mind. This is a great time to try to find a book for that romance annotation ;)

I've read about some great transactions and about some horrible transactions over the years. Let's hope you all get great examples of amazing customer service!

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