Friday, February 3, 2017

Thinking Ahead - Book Club Experience

I know we're still on week four but if you like to think ahead here are some thoughts for your week nine assignment, observing or participating in a book club (due March 12).

You're not required to to tell anyone at the book discussion that you're a librarian or that your attendance is part of a class, but feel free to if you want. If you've read the book, just discuss the book as you normally would, but if you're just observing take note of the following:

  • Who is asking the questions, is there a leader or do people take turns?
  • If there is a leader, does the leader answer the questions as well or let the attendees respond first?
  • What type of questions are asked? Any involving just yes or no answers?
  • Do all attendees actively participate?
  • Do any attendees swoop in and steal all the spotlight?
  • What is the atmosphere of the discussion, where is it taking place at?
  • Are snacks or drinks provided?
  • What types of books does this book club normally discuss?

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