Monday, February 6, 2017

Welcome to Week Five

Hope you have had a great week and enjoyed your secret shopper experience! I haven't gotten a chance to read many of them yet - but I am looking forward to it. I should have feedback and grades posted by the end of the week.

Due by the end of this week:
Adventure & Romantic Suspense Annotations
A Kirkus-style review of a book you loved or hated
Prompt Response

For this week, we are reading about the Adventure and Romantic Suspense and about book reviews. I have posted a PowerPoint about the two genres in Canvas files. These are very fun genres that are really popular right now so please make sure to read those chapters in your textbook!

For the book review reading I have asked you to look over several different book review websites and write a Kirkus-style review. Kirkus has two things that make it stand out from other review sources - first, it is anonymous. This means that an aspiring writer can publish a bad review without alienating a publisher, or a librarian can publish one without angering a popular author. The second thing Kirkus has going for it is format. Kirkus uses a very specific format that allows librarians and booksellers to quickly skim a review and find out if the book is one that they want for their collection. The first sentence or two is always a quick summary of the book, then the middle paragraph is a more thorough summary with criticism, and the last sentence or two sum up the reviewer's feelings about the title. Please go to the Kirkus site or look up some reviews of books you have read in the library databases - many databases provide access to Kirkus, I believe Academic Search Premier is one.

The other PowerPoint in Canvas is about professional reviewing. If you're looking to see your name in print, earn some cash, or just score free books, be sure to check it out. I've been reviewing professionally for a few years and it is very gratifying! I don't always get paid, but I get to see my name in print and I average about 120 free books and audiobooks a year. Plus it's great networking and a great resume booster!

Also, it may seem early, but you might want to start thinking about your midterm assignment. I have asked you to write a paper on a topic related to readers' advisory (please email me the topic for approval prior to writing the paper).

I will post the prompt later this afternoon. The following students have selected this week's genre's: adventure and romantic suspense. Be sure to check out their blogs and comment on their annotations. Remember they have until 10pm on Sunday to have their annotations posted! Also, feel free to comment on your classmate's prompt responses which are also due Sunday night.


  1. What kind of topics have people written about in the past? "A topic related to Reader's Advisory" is somewhat vague.

    1. RA for audiobooks, passive RA, promoting RA with print materials, special needs RA, RA in an academic library, comic book/ graphic novels RA, etc. The sky is the limit. Let me know if that helps.

  2. Replies
    1. Yes. It can explore an idea, theory or practice about RA.