Wednesday, April 26, 2017

End of Class

Hello all!

I have received a couple of final projects so far - please feel free to turn these into me early. I have given you until April 30th to finish your projects. You can submit them via email or assignments.

I hope to have all grades posted by the end of next week. Don't forget that class participation is a part of your grade! This is the last week to comment on each other's posts so make it count!

What a fun semester - thanks all, for making it enjoyable. I appreciate you letting me know when things were unclear or confusing - I will definitely take it all into account for the next course. Hope you all have a great summer!

Again, let me know if you have any questions or problems - I wish I could have met all of you in person! If you're ever around Indianapolis maybe I'll meet you at one of the Indianapolis Librarian Happy Hour meetups or ILF. Also, if you're interested I am a co-organizer of the Indianapolis Literary Pub Crawl that runs once a year in the fall (the likely date is September 30th this year). All proceeds go towards Indy Reads and we have a featured author talk, costume contest, literary drinks, and raffle; it's a great way to meet lots of other bibliophiles (and librarians!). The two girls I run it with are IUPUI SLIS grads, as well as many of our volunteers. Thanks again for a wonderful course and feel free to add me on social media (after I have posted the final grades, that is.)

Due by the end of this week:
Prompt Response (many of you have already done this, I posted it last week)

Due by April 30th: 
Lab - Final Project!


  1. Professor Cataldi, will you be attending the School Recognition ceremony this year at graduation?

    1. Unfortunately I'll be out of town that weekend for Mother's Day. I'm sad to miss this!

  2. What are the Indianapolis Librarian Happy Hour Meetups? Where do I find info about that? I think I'd like to come to one of these.... :) Sounds fun!


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