Monday, April 17, 2017

Prompts for Weeks 15 and 16

Bowing to the EXTREME pressure of people politely asking, I've decided to post prompts for both this week and the next, so you guys can get finished up with everything as soon as you'd like!

The last few weeks of this course are light, reading-wise, because I want you to focus on your projects. So for Week 15, some of the readings about programming for adults are more suggestions for what to read rather than required. Please read the Saricks chapter though, as that talks specifically about programming for RA and will be very helpful in answering your prompt.

Week 15 Prompt

What do you think are the best ways to market your library's fiction collection? Name and describe three ways you do or would like to market your library or your future library's fiction. These can be tools, programs, services, displays - anything that you see as getting the word out.

Week 16 Prompt

Both of our readings this week talk about the culture of reading and the future of the book. So I have two questions for you as readers, pulling on your own experiences and all of the readings we have done over the semester: First, how have reading and books changed since you were a child, for you specifically? Second, talk a little about what you see in the future for reading, books, or publishing - say 20 years from now. Will we read more or less, will our reading become more interactive? What will happen to traditional publishing? This is  a very free-form question, feel free to wildly extrapolate or calmly state facts, as suits your mood!

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